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Intacct - The IPO and Beyond: Why Intacct is the Right Choice for Financial Management

The right financial system helps you achieve visibility before and after your IPO

The IPO may be an exit event for some investors, but for your employees, customers, and new investors, the IPO is merely another milestone in a long journey of building and operating a successful company. By selling a portion of the company in the IPO, you receive millions of dollars in cash that can help fuel future growth. To manage all that new, public money you need a system that supports operational growth and strategic complexity.  

Fast-growing companies must understand what’s working – and what’s not working – from a business perspective, not just the financial metrics. If something’s not performing, you need the deeper insights to understand why, and you need this insight in real-time so you can make rapid course corrections. When you are moving faster, you need to see further ahead.

This white paper describes the four keys to IPO readiness:

  • Streamlined financial processes

  • Robust internal controls

  • A skilled financial staff,

  • Best-in-class business systems

You’ll learn about the essential requirements for fast and accurate financial reporting, regulatory compliance, forecast accuracy, and data visibility.

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