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NetSuite - Businesses Run Better on NetSuite KPI eBook

Real-time business visibility and end-to-end business management

Many companies have been caught off guard by the pace of change and the increasing demands common in a world running on a real-time digital foundation. Old operational methods and tools—be they Excel spreadsheets for managing financial operations, or aging and non-integrated applications for other core business operations—can drag down a company’s efficiency and its long-term prospects. The limits of poorly integrated, restricted-functionality and outdated tools and processes can quickly become serious threats should business events stress their capabilities to the breaking point. Among the business event triggers cited by many NetSuite customers were:

  • Rapid company growth
  • Expansion into a new product or business line
  • International expansion
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Going public

These and other business challenges can overwhelm an organization’s existing operational systems. Such challenges can introduce errors, slow or halt critical processes, and cause the organization’s systems to fail to deliver the functionality and business visibility required.

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